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1.Is the university recognised by Medical Council of India or What is the validity of the degree if I come back after completion of my course.?
New Vision University is recognised by Medical Council of India as well as approved by World Health Organisation.

MCI Link:-ā€¦/ForStudentstoStudyAbroad.aspx

WHO Link:-

2.What is duration of the course?

The total duration is 5 years.NVU follows ECTS systems student has to complete 360 ECTS in his/her total duration.

3.Why is it better than other country?

First of all Georgia is developing country, maximum population is christian so most of the people can speak English hence you don’t have to give any language paper unlike Russia & China,langauge is not mandatory at all its optional.but in other country you have to clear the language test to get the degree(like HSK in China). The duration is 5 years.Russia – 6 years,Kyrgyzsthan-6 years,Ukraine-5.8 years,Philippines-5.5 Years.
when you will get the same degree after completion of the course whether you spend 5 years or 6 years then why to spend one more year, one years Fees extra and Hostel & Mess extra.

4.Does this duration includes internship?

Internship is possible only when you pass FMGE/MCI screening test.some people in the market wrongfully misguide that internship is included just to sell 6 years degree.But MCI does not approve that.MCI clearly states one can start internship only after passing the MCI screening test or FMGE.

5.What degree will I get after completion of my course?

After completion of the course you will awarded a degree call MD(Medical Doctor)

6.Whats the difference between MD in Abroad & MBBS in India?

There are two types of curriculum/study method of medical education .Those countries which follow the study pattern of USA they give the degree of MD(Medical Doctor) and those who follow the study pattern of UK they give the degree of MBBS like India does.Both are equivalent and both are undergraduate course.

7.Is it highly cool in Georgia?

No. It is almost like our Shimla. It is adequately cool during the whole year long.Max temperature is 28-30 degree and minimum around -7 degree Celsius.

8.After having passed MBBS in New Vision Medical University, whether the job is available in Georgia?

Yes. The job should certainly be available under all the circumstances in Georgia,26 Schengen countries(Finland,Germany,Spain,Poland,Norway,Italy,France,Switzerland,Greece and many more) or in any country in the world. The concrete reason behind it is that the NVU course is recognized by WHO, European Medical Council as well as by the Georgian Health Ministry.

9.How safe is the country?

Georgia has been rated one of the most safest country in the world infact it ranks 6th in the safety rank,Ukraine ranks 68th,USA ranks 75th.Please visit the Georgia page of to get more details.

10.How long is it take to reach Georgia?

It takes around 7 hours to reach Tbilisi where NVU is situated, its just 20-25 mins away from the airport.

11.What about Screening Test of MCI?

The Test can be given twice in a year in India. It has multiple choice question(Objective type).The total score is 300,you only need to get 50% i.e 150. Its coaching is already construed in 5 years syllabus in NVU. Almost 98% of the students go through this Test without any difficulty. Its coaching is available in India. Students having passed this test have been working in Govt & Pvt hospitals as well as practicing in India since long.The attempts are unlimited.

12.How the parents should remit their funds to their students in Georgia?
Any international ATM card of any nationalized Indian Bank can be used by the students in Georgia. Parents can deposit their funds in that account , from which the students can withdraw money in Georgia.

13.What is the currency of Georgia?
Lari. 1 lari equals 27.5 INR approx

14.Whether the college has ever faced a ragging problem in the past?
Never. Rules & regulations in this particular subject are quite rigid &strict in NVMU. In such events of indiscipline, misbehavior & misconduct, student’s Passport is obviously forfeited & marked not to get admissions in any other college. Therefore, boys & girls in NVMU always feel it safe and secured & do their study work under no- fear environment in Georgia

15.Whether the NVU is safe for girls?
As is said it earlier, the circumstances in and around the college are very much familiar. The hostel and its rector are bound by principles which don’t allow and permit any student go beyond the stipulated lines. Girls in this college live and study free and return to India with great success.

16.How does EDURIZON helps students and their parents while leaving for Georgia?
They get their Registration done in college just seating at home. Tedious matters like interviews for Visa are ruled out at Air Port . Air ticket and dollars are arranged by EDURIZON. One representative of EDURIZON gives company to all the students while leaving for Georgia. He helps all the students during air journey as well as in matters of emigration. Hostel arrangements, registration in police departments, college admission as well as marketing matters are made easy by our representative.
The student can carry his laptop with him to Georgia. Smart phones of Samsung, Iphone, Nokia, are commonly used there.

17.What all things I need to carry while going to Georgia?

We will all beddings like bed, pillow,blankets will be provided by us.You need to carry 2-3 sets of Format shirt, pant,a black or brown shoe.casual clothes,Winter clothes, dry foods like biscuit, pickle,medicines if any,laptop if any,personal care products, some dollar for local marketing,International ATM card or travel card.No Indian money,Original documents, copy of admission letter.

18.Is it possible to accompany the student or is it possible to go along with student in Georgia?
Parents can accompany the student at their own cost. Parents can visit the college as well as the hostel in Georgia in the later course of time also. Arrangements of VISA can be made by EDURIZON.

19.Whether parents can send parcels to their students in Georgia?

Yes. DHL and FEDEX are the leading courier companies in India to carry such tiny parcels upto the hostels in Georgia within four days.

20.Who looks after and takes care of students when they feel ill in college campus?
The college has its own hospital and specialized doctors who are always expert and competent enough to treat the students during their sickness.
Eligibility criteria is little bit relaxed in terms of marks such as SC/ST 40%, OBC 45%

21.Which documents are required for admission ?

10th,11th,12th mark sheet,16 passport size photograph, school leaving certificate,photo ID, affidavit regarding ragging and above all, the PASS PORT,DOB,Parent Authorization,Bank Statement and Registration amount.

22.What is time taken to process the whole thing?
Generally its takes 60 days to process the visa, so almost 2 months to 2.5 moths to process the whole thing.

23.When can I take admission?
There are two batches of NVU one is October/November and another is around March/April.

24.Why should you choose us,EDURIZON for studying abroad?

# Edurizon is 15 years old Govt registered company.
# Its has already admitted more than 3000 medical aspirants in India & Abroad.
# We only tell you what is truth
# We will give you support 24x7x365 days.We have a dedicated student support team who are available to help the student 24×7.
# We are authorised by NVU,Tbilisi.
# We can provide lots of references from all over India.

Apart from above information if any query is there please feel free to contact us:-
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